There is no such thing as instant results. Even Instant Pudding has to be stirred for 2 minutes then chilled. If you are looking for a fast fix on your weight loss journey, forget it. It's the little, day-to-day changes in habits that end up making a difference over time. This blog is about sharing what I do, what I eat and how I stay healthy. Maybe some of the things I do are worth copying. Jump in and share what works for you. Elaine

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Versatile (oatmeal) cookie recipe

....I really should do a blog specifically about cookies....

Anyway, here is another fantastic recipe that I found a few weeks ago. I made a few modifications to the original; I reduced the salt from the 1 tsp listed to 1/2 tsp; didn't bother adding the chopped nuts (we've never been a fan of nuts in our cookies); and I left out the step about shaping the dough into rolls, freezing, then slicing them to bake (who has the time for that???). And as with any recipe I make, I never put in all the sugar that's called for. 

The recipe is plain and entirely delicious on it's own. But you can zip it up by adding your favourite spice and get a new result every time. The first time I made them, I added 2/3 tsp ginger and they were amazing. Second time I made them, I put in a bunch of cinnamon and voila, a completely different cookie. Today I'll try a hint of cloves to see what happens. So without further ado, write this down:

Company's Coming Cookies      (Good Cookin' from the Kitchens of Richmond Hill United Church, 1988, p.260)
with some currents and cloves thrown in
Mix together;
1 c margarine
1 c white sugar
1 c brown sugar
and add;
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
Combine in another bowl;
1 1/2 c all purpose flour
1 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
3 c rolled oats
any spice(s) you like

Stir the dry ingredients into the first mixture, put dough on cookie sheets and bake at 350F for 15 minutes. The cookies spread nicely and give a soft, chewy result, guaranteed to be gone in a day or two. 

Remember; everything in moderation and having ONE cookie does not constitute criminal activity.  

Friday, February 17, 2012

12 ways to lose weight today

Hands up if you want to lose weight with absolutely NO EFFORT!!!!

Oh dear. 

Do you also want to get a university degree without studying, writing exams or paying tuition? Have a ton of money without working? (oop, that's me....). Want perfectly behaved children and a serene marriage?

While you wait for Nirvana when all those good things will come true without you lifting a finger, here are a few tips you can implement today to help you along on your weight loss journey. Because the reality is, a healthy weight and healthy life style does take a little bit of effort and discipline but the Earthly rewards make it all worthwhile.

12 Ways to Lose Weight Today
  1. write down everything you eat. EVERYTHING. You're going to look at this list at the end of the day and if it's as long as your arm and full of things like chips and pop and natchos and cake then geepers creepers, Lesson Learned.
  2. mark your calendar. This is Day 1 of your journey toward choosing healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle. You need to know your start date so you can celebrate your anniversary dates later. 
  3.  IF you have dessert, have it earlier in the day and not late at night before you go to bed.
  4. tell 2 people that you're taking action to improve your eating habits and health habits and tell them you're going to report in to them on a regular basis whether they like it or not. You need to be accountable to someone, they're your support team!
  5. drink a big glass of water before each meal, even breakfast if you can manage. The water will help fill you up so you eat less.
  6. take the stairs. And don't use the handrail unless you absolutely have to.
  7. get off the bus before your stop and do some extra walking.
  8. go whole wheat. Whole wheat bread, whole wheat rolls, whole wheat crackers. No more white bread allowed, even the "fortified" stuff. 
  9. stop adding salt to your meals. If you're accustomed to putting salt on everything, stop cold turkey. Everything will taste awful for a little while but you'll be amazed at how quickly you adjust.
  10. don't butter your bread or your toast or your rolls. You won't miss it, I promise.
  11. add cinnamon where you can. Sprinkle it on your cereal, add a smidge to your coffee, get creative. Cinnamon is making the news these days for all the right reason so it's a good time to up our intact of this ancient spice.
  12. lastly, buy one healthy item at the grocery store that you haven't bought before and DON'T buy one unhealthy item that you usually buy e.g. buy some snow peas if you've never tried them before and leave the Doritos on the shelf.
It's all about the little things you do because they make a big difference in the end. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eggs. Fair game any time of the day

2 eggs with 2 toast 4 dinner
I've always enjoyed eggs and I'm sure I've eaten enough to keep more than a few egg farms in business over the years. I know they are high in cholesterol but I don't have trouble with my cholesterol levels likely because I'm not overweight. I also know that eggs are high in fat but I don't have trouble with that either because, well, see above....

When I was in university and living in my basement apartment scraping by with next-to-no-money, eggs were one of the few things I could afford. They were cheap, filling and easy to make on my hotplate. Fast forward a gazillion years and here I am, still enjoying eggs as much as ever. They are still cheap (thank goodness) and very easy to prepare. My favourite dinner lately has been a couple of eggs fried in a bit of olive oil and served on toast, sometimes with grated cheese, usually with ketchup. It's quick to do and very filling so when there aren't enough left-overs for all of us, I'll feign disappointment then run and grab my crepe pan.

So next time you're caught a little short on supplies and the dinner bell is about to ring, grab the eggs out of the fridge and ask everyone how they want theirs done. You might feel like a short order cook, but dinner will be on the table in no time and happiness will prevail. Maybe.